The Bassett's

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sister Love already!?! What are we in for??
Go Red Sox !! Today was Red Sox day at school so Lexi finally got to wear her cheerleading outfit. (Thank You Jarrod) Hannah got to wear her outfit too. I must say two of the cutest Red Sox fans around.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Got Moose ?

Our Weekend

Me and RJ got a weekend to ourselves with no children. We had big plans for sleeping... we were going to sleep till 12:00 in the afternoon everyday. Yeah we were up by 8:30 every morning.

We went up north to Loon Mountain and had a great time. We hiked a couple of trails and did the Lost River, which is a path that goes along a river that has caves that you can go through. I know those of you that know me are thinking you found hiking fun.. but I really did and plus it made me not feel guilty about eating a huge dinner.

The Fair... we decided it would be fun to take the girls to the Hopkington State Fair . For those of you from NH it is a night of family fun, those of you not from NH it is a gathering for red necks.

Our first mistake was we told Lexi on the way there that we were going to see the animals, so the whole way we heard "I want to see the MOO's, I want to see the MOO's". We finally get the the cows and as you can tell Lexi loved them.
Hannah as you can tell thought that there were too many red necks in one place!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doesn't she look like the girl from "The Big Comfy Couch" ?

Just another cute smile.

We made Pizza for dinner tonight. What fun!! Lexi was a great helper putting the sauce on the pizza but then it came time to putting the cheese on and she went into Smith mode... more in her mouth then on the pizza.

So we all know about Lexi and her blankie. It is her blankie and no one is to have it, been seen with it or use it! She gets so mad if she thinks you are using her blankie, which is a burp cloth, to burp Hannah.Not to mention that she not only has one burp cloth, oops I mean blankie, but many. There is one in the car, two at school, at least three in her bed and she is always carring one around with her. Needless to say they are everywhere. Well the other day I came home from dropping her off at child care and Farmer is there laying on her blankie just like Lexi does. I know if Farmer could talk he would say "Lexi eat your heart out"!!

Tummy Time... Hannah had her first shot at tummy time. She enjoyed it for ummm... 6 seconds. I got one smile and that was that. She let me know she was all done. But then I gave her "Lexi's Ball" she enjoyed herself. Notice "Lexi's Ball" because all the toys are "Lexi's Toys" and she make sure to let Hannah know that it is her toy, because we all know Hannah got up and walked over and got it. Well she is my daughter so she just may have!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hannah is now smiling!! She loves when Lexi is in her face, thank God because Lexi is always in her face!!

Can you believe it...
Alexia is not only potty trained but she is sleeping in a big girl bed (just the crib with the front taken off). For the first couple of days she didn't realize that she could get out of the bed by herself (she takes after RJ) so she would yell for us, but now she realized she can.

This morning around 4:30 we hear "Mommy" "Daddy", if you know RJ you know that when he jumps up like that he doesn't realize what is going on. He goes into her room to see what she needs and then he comes running back into the bed room and says "Christine I can't find her". Meanwhile she is still yelling, he finally realize to turn on the hall light and there is Lexi standing at the bottom of the stairs, smiling!!

My mom once said "I hope you have a child that comes and taps your head and wakes you up in the middle of the night" well Mom your wish came true! On Sunday night I wake and I can feel someone staring at me, so my heart is pounding and I look up there is Lexi, smiling! She thinks it is so funny that she can get out of her bed whenever she wants.

Hannah is now 8 weeks! I can't believe it, where does the time go?!? She is still having cranky hour at 7:00Pm on the dot. It is like she has an alarm clock in her head, it doesn't matter if she is sleeping, having a bottle or smiling as soon as the clock says 7:00 watch out!!
But on a good note she is sleeping through the night 9:30 to around 5:30ish.